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Book Holders

What are Book Holders?

Book Holders are common workstation accessories used to improve viewability and accessibility to reference materials (books, binders, file folders, etc.) while working on a computer (or alternate documents).  Typically this type of accessory provides the ability to improve the physical location and angle of the material.  As a secondary function, Book Holders can also be used as Writing Surfaces but their suitability for this will depend on the length of the writing activity. 

What are the Ergonomic Benefits of a Book Holder?

Book Holders can help to ensure proper posture by placing materials that need to be viewed in a less awkward position in the workstation of a user.  This helps to reduce Overextension when placing and removing reference materials from the field of view. 

Book Holders typically reposition materials so they are immediately to the left or right of the user at the same height as their monitor.  This can remove issues with neck posture by removing the need to look down at reference materials and support the head in that position for extended periods of time.

What are Potential Concerns when Considering a Book Holder?

Book Holders are not ideal for all types of reference materials.  Thicker piles of papers, binders, file folders and reference books can be difficult to properly position on Book Holders.  Some materials may have to be 'wedged open' (e.g. hard-cover books and file folders) so it is critical to ensure that the Book Holder in question has the desired features to meet these needs.

While Book Holders can also serve as a suitable Writing Surface, this is their secondary function.  For shorter writing requirements, they will serve the purpose, but they should not be used for extensive writing activities. 

For What Types of Tasks / Users are Book Holders Suitable? 

When viewing reference materials, the optimal angle is significantly more vertical than horizontal (somewhere between 50° and 90°).  When writing, the optimal angle is significantly more horizontal than vertical (somewhere between 0° and 40°).  As such for viewing and short writing periods, Book Holders are suitable.  If more than very brief notes need to be written, it is critical that the Book Holder can adjust in angle to have a more horizontal position for writing tasks.  If this is not the case, or materials are unable to be accommodated, consider Writing Surfaces as an alternative.

What Physical Injuries or Conditions Typically Benefit from a Book Holder?

Book Holders can be of benefit to a wide variety of individuals including individuals with conditions such as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Lateral Epicondylitus and Medial Epicondylitus.



Last edited December 9th, 2013

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