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Ergonomic Concepts
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            Workstation Guidelinesgonomic Concepts

Some general 'best practices' for reducing all risk factors and sources of injury when seated in the workplace include:

Here is a collection of articles on common ergonomic concepts which are relevant to ergonomic input devices and workstation accessories.

Ergonomic Considerations - Mechanical Keyswitches vs Membrane Keyswitches vs Scissor-Switch Membrane Keyswitches (Keyboards)
Tactility on Keyboards - How to Evaluate Soft or Light Touch (Keyboards)

Strategies for Generating French Characters on Any Keyboard (Keyboards)
Strategies for Individuals with One Functional Hand (One-Handed Input Options)
Strategies for Correct Usage of Palm Supports and Wrist Rests

Setting Mouse Acceleration at an Optimal Level for the Task

When is a Discrete Numeric Keypad Appropriate?

Why Does Vertical Mousing have Less Drawbacks than Vertical Keyboarding

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