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Foot Rests

What are Foot Rests?

Foot Rests are a simple raised platform which provide a place for the feet to rest on while performing tasks.  Superior models provide features such as height adjustability, angle adjustability, foot massage bumps, calf massagers, radiant heat and even the ability to be easily moved up and down or repositioned on the floor with just the feet.

What are the Ergonomic Benefits of a Foot Rest?

Foot Rests can provide a number of benefits depending on the goals of the user and how the Foot Rest is used. 

Individuals who have adjusted their chair higher to use the top of the desk in an ergonomic fashion may find that their feet are now dangling above the floor.  This can lead to poor posture, back strain and reduced 'reach' when working (as the individual is not seated in a stable fashion), and can also reduce circulation to the legs. 

Individuals who have poor circulation in the legs can benefit from a non-locking tilt adjustable Foot Rest which allows movement in the calf, ankle and feet during a largely sedentary workday.

What are Potential Concerns when Considering a Foot Rest?

Once the obvious requirement of physical space for the Foot Rest under the desk is confirmed, the concerns center more around ensuring that the Foot Rest will achieve the goals the user has for it.

If the user requires a very stable footing due to their personal needs or other equipment (i.e. a dynamic chair), ensure that only Foot Rests which are capable of having the tilt movement locked are considered.

If the user has a desk with a return, and the user needs a Foot Rest when working in both locations, be prepared to either purchase two Foot Rests or one which can be easily repositioned between the two sections of the desk.

If the user will use the rest both when sitting and standing, one must ensure that the range of height adjustment is sufficient.

For what Types of Tasks / Users are Foot Rests Suitable? 

A suitable Foot Rest can be found for almost any user once the requirements of that user are clearly outlined.  What range of height adjustment do they require?  What degree of tilt adjustment is required?  Does it have to be capable of being locked at a given angle?

What Physical Injuries or Conditions Typically Benefit from a Foot Rest?

Individuals who have pain in their lower back, legs and feet will often see immediate benefits from adding a Foot Rest to their work station.



Last edited December 9th, 2013

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