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Wireless Keyboards

What are Wireless Keyboards?

A Wireless Keyboard is a keyboard which uses a wireless connection to send keystrokes to the computer.  This can be bluetooth, radio frequency (RF) or infra-red (line-of-sight).

What are the Ergonomic Benefits of a Wireless Keyboard?

The only ergonomic benefit arises from the convenience of being able to reposition the keyboard on the workspace somewhat more easily than a corded keyboard.

What are Potential Concerns when Considering a Wireless Keyboard?

Most Wireless Keyboards will drop characters when a faster typist attempts to use them due to a combination of the type of keyswitch mechanism used and issues than can arise from the wireless technology including signal loss, signal lag, interference and battery issues.

For What Types of Tasks / Users are Wireless Keyboards Suitable? 

The only really suitable application for Wireless Keyboards is for casual computer use in an armchair or sofa, or for mobile workstations.  In most cases in traditional offices, by simply getting a keyboard cable extension, adding a USB hub or repositioning the computer case individuals can achieve similar convenience benefits to that afforded by a Wireless Keyboard without any of the drawbacks.

What Physical Injuries or Conditions Typically Benefit from Wireless Keyboards?

Wireless Keyboards don't really provide any direct benefit to any condition, they purely provide a degree of convenience for some users.



Last edited December 9th, 2013

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