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Anthropometric Considerations
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Anthropometric Considerations

Anthropometrics is the study of the physical characteristics of an individual, specifically the height, weight, length and proportion of each of their body parts, to understand and take into account physical variation when evaluating and designing products.

A comprehensive collection of articles will soon accompany this section of the ErgoPedia and are under final review.  In the interim, here is a list of key pieces of information that are often relevant, and sometimes crucial, when considering options.


Distance from the elbows and eyes to the ground when sitting at the proper height and when standing.
    - This will provide the correct height for both input (i.e. the worksurface) and output (i.e.the monitor) for both sitting and standing applications.

Distance between the shoulders i.e. the breadth of the individual, and the relative length of the forearms of the individual.
    - This will indicate the degree to which reaching into midline will result in elbow abduction


Reach of the Arm (usually largely determined by arm length).
    - This is critical in determining the Comfort Zone of the individual.


Length and width of the hand.
    - This will provide an important guide to which mice may be more or less appropriate for the individual.

Finger Flexibility and Range of Movement.
    - This will provide an important guide to which input devices may be more or less appropriate for the individual.

Handedness i.e. is the individual Right-Handed, Left-Handed or Mixed-Handed.
    - Individuals who are mixed-handed (or capable of training themselves to do specific tasks with their non-dominant hand) will have far more options when considering ergonomic alternatives than those who always have the same dominant hand for all tasks.

Last edited December 16th, 2013

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