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Risk Factors and Sources of Injury
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Ergonomic Risk Factors and Sources of Injury

There are literally hundreds of ergonomic risk factors which can serve as potential sources of injury within workstations in any setting (home, office, industrial, etc.). In the current activity-oriented environment Sitting is usually blamed as the source for most of the issues but in reality, even the new heavily promoted Leaning or Standing postures have their own associated risks. As well, many of the most common risk factors will exist regardless of whether you are Sitting, Standing, or Leaning. Here is a list of some of the most common ergonomic risk factors.

Incorrect Monitor Position

Incorrect Seating Position and Posture

Incorrect Worksurface Height

Overreaching Outside of the Comfort Zone

Palmar Flexion When Worksurface is Too High

Pronation (Working with the Hands Palm Down)

Static Grip Force When Using the Mouse

Supination as a Risk Factor

Trigger Finger

Ulnar Deviation When Using the Keyboard

Wrist Extension When Using the Keyboard


Last edited July 20th, 2018

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