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Risk Factors and Sources of Injury

Injuries and Conditions

Ergonomic Product Categories

Anthropometric Considerations

What are the Symptoms?

Ergonomic Concepts



Why have an ERGOPEDIA?

The human body was not designed to use computing devices, and certainly not for the sustained duration and intensity that most individuals experience. Using a computer is a repetitive task that imposes an awkward unnatural posture on the body -- often for hours at a time. This applies both while at work or during "recreational" use of the computer. 

Fortunately, Ergonomics Professionals have identified many Risk Factors and Sources of Injury which can lead to a variety of Injuries and Conditions.  Their tools to address these issues include Ergonomic Products, Ergonomic Concepts and Anthropometric Considerations. Not sure where to start? What are the Symptoms? gets down to the basics to help anyone begin their journey towards a greater understanding of ergonomics.

There is also a helpful GLOSSARY to provide definitions on terms which may not be known by everyone.

We hope you find this resource to be useful.  If you are an ergonomic professional and disagree with or would like to suggest additions to the content for any of the pages on this web site, please email us

Last edited July 23rd, 2019

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